Commodore John Barry

One of the more noteworthy endeavors of the Society is the periodic presentation of a distinguished service award to individuals who have reached positions of eminence in their field.

In 1982 the Board of Managers decided to organize the presentation into a formal annual event. A rigid set of standards was established to guide the Selection Committee in determining the candidates to receive the Award.

A criteria was established which set the limits within which the qualifications of a candidate must fit. It reads in part, “…to any American who, by their character and their contributions to the church, the community and professional accomplishments, has distinguished themself.”

It is named the Barry Award for Commodore John Barry, the Father of the American Navy, whose grave site is across the street from the Society’s headquarters in the cemetery of Old St. Mary’s Church.

After searching for an appropriate name, John Barry was agreed upon as one who by his activity, lifestyle, patriotism and achievement most properly established the ideal for which the Award is presented.

Barry Award Recipients

Most Reverend Nelson J. Pérez, D.D.2021
Daniel K. Fitzpatrick 2019
James D. and Jacqueline J. Delaney2018
Dr. Rosalie M. Mirenda2017
Donna Crilley Farrell2016
Rev. Peter M. Donohue, O.S.A., PhD2015
Josephine C. Mandeville and Emily C. Riley2014
Most Reverend Charles J. Chaput, O.F.M., Cap., D.D.2013
William J. Byron, S.J2012
James J. White, IV and Megan B. White2011
Sister Mary Scullion, R.S.M., and Joan McConnon,
co-founders of Project H.O.M.E.
Gerard P. Cuddy2009
Mr. & Mrs. Elmer F. Hansen, Jr.2008
J. Eustace Wolfington2007
Reverend George W. Bur, S.J.2006
Winston J. Churchill, Jr., J.D.2006
Sister Ellen T. Convey, I.H.M.2006
James A. Fitzsimmons III2005
Cardinal Justin Francis Rigali2004
Thomas S. Monaghan2003
Reverend John P. McNamee2002
The Sisters of Mercy of the Americas,
Merion Regional Community
The Sisters of Saint Joseph of Philadelphia2001
The Sisters, Servants of the Immaculate
Heart of Mary
The Sisters of Saint Francis of Philadelphia2001
Justice Antonin Scalia2000
Most Reverend Louis A. DeSimone, D.D.1999
John & Mary McShain Horstmann*
The Most Reverend John P. Foley, D.D., Ph.D.*
James J. Murray
John Cardinal O’Conner, D.D.*
Norbert J. McGettigan, Sr.
Rev. George F. Riley, O.S.A., Ph.D.
Honorable Robert P. Casey*
Anthony Cardinal Bevilacqua, D.D., J.C.D., J.D.
Mr. & Mrs. Paul M. Henkels
Mrs. Mary Katherine Schubert Denny
Mrs. Roseanita Schubert Coffey
Brother Patrick Ellis, F.S.C., Ph.D.
Daniel J. Keating, Jr.
Daniel J. Haley, Jr.
John Cardinal Krol, D.D., J.C.D.*
William S. Fishman*
Thomas A. Fox*
Joseph J. McLaughlin