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The American Catholic Historical Society was chartered for the purpose of collecting and preserving materials related to American Catholic History. Their use by scholars and researchers continues to this day. The reference services offered by the Society are designed to accommodate requests for access to information found in our holdings while ensuring the long-term preservation of the collections.

The ACHS offers access to many of our collections through partnerships with Villanova University and the Philadelphia Archdiocesan Historical Research Center.

The archives of the Society include books, directories, periodicals, pamplhets, manuscripts, parish histories, photographs and artifacts relating to American Catholic history and the Catholic Church in the United States, are currently housed at the Philadelphia Archdiocesan Historical Research Center. This Center is located on the campus of the Seminary of St. Charles Borromeo in Overbrook, Pennsylvania.

For information concerning our collections or their use, please visit the Philadelphia Archdiocesan a Historical Research Center website, or call them at 610-667-2125.