James J. White, IV and Megan B. White

James J. White, IV and Megan B. White

A devoted couple and wonderful parents, Jim and Megan White are an example of Catholic leaders who put their faith into action by being strong leaders in the church and the community. Little did Megan realize when she first met Jim in July 1989 what lay ahead. Their meeting was unusual, as Megan was a dive master in Florida and Jim was part of her group that summer. She describes him “as very focused” then , and still. For Jim, it was love at first sight; he knew right away. So this lovely daughter of an FBI agent, who was no stranger to traveling, came to Conshohocken to continue their courtship. They were married in December, 1989.

Since then, they have formed a beautiful team, raising five children which include Jimmy, the fifth named after his father and grandfathers, followed by Peter and Victoria; all three are students at their Dad’s Alma Mater, University of Notre Dame. At home, Christopher and Maura are students at Malvern Prep and Villa Maria Academy respectively.

It is almost impossible to name all the organizations that have benefitted from the service and generosity of Jim and Megan throughout the archdiocese and community; their lives are a continuation of work begun years ago. Megan entered a life of volunteering as a high school student in Virginia, continuing at the University of Florida, and as an adult, she has reached out to help the less fortunate through her parish food and clothing drives. She also devotes many hours to charity as a member of the Woman’s Auxiliary of St. Edmond’s Home for Children, Quakers Ice Hockey, and Mother’s Club of Malvern Prep.

Jim is the President of J. J. White Inc., his family business founded by his great-grandfather in 1920 that is today the largest mechanical contracting employer in the Mid-Atlantic Region. Jim’s business located in Philadelphia provides General Construction including Mechanical support, HVAC, Electrical and Solar services, along with Blind to Blind Heat Exchanger/ Hydroblasting/Water cutting and API Tank Construction/Repair services. Megan says that many times she would pack up the five children and visit Jim in his office, noting his iPhone keeps him home more often than those earlier years.

Jim and Megan’s love for their children is reflected in their personal commitment to improve our community by giving their time, talent, and treasure. He is a member of Legatus, the Knights of the Holy Sepulchre, Knights of Malta, Pennsylvanians for Human Life, and the Catholic Philopatrian Literary Institute, among others. Both are involved in Generation Life, Mercy Vocational High School, and the University of Notre Dame. They support each other and their children in many endeavors and mission work.

When the White family has free time they like to travel and have enjoyed trips to many of the shrines in Europe including Our Lady of Knock, Lourdes, and Fatima. They treasure their time together going to sporting events as the children enjoy playing ice hockey and soccer. Megan recounts her life is one of drive, drive, drive but she feels “incredibly blessed and fortunate” to have five healthy children.

For Megan and Jim, who begin their day with Mass, receiving the Barry Award is “truly an undeserved honor, to be chosen among so many hard working Laborers in the Vineyard.” For Jim, Megan is his strength throughout all he does. For Megan, she admires Jim because he gives so unselfishly, never thinking about awards. For both of them “the real deserving recipients are those that organize, support, and participate in the ACHS, and so many great Catholic organizations.”

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